Update: Art

I just thought that I’d post updated images from each of the worlds that we have teased so far! Stay tuned for more! Also, note that the World 2 update is the most recent and includes a redesign of our character, III (Three). With that we are responding to feedback that mentioned that our player sprite(s) looked a bit static.






Inside Look: Flame Trap

For those of you who don’t know, the PC build of SUPER III is currently being developed in Game Maker: Studio. Some believe that GM is an inadequate programming tool, but I find that it is great for what I do and I wanted to share some of the tricks that I have learned along the way.

In this series I’ll talk a bit about GM code and a bit about how to polish the edges of your game concept to add “JUICINESS”. I hate that term, but I’m going to roll with it.

To begin, I’m going to discuss a single game object that I have recently implemented into WORLD 3 of our current project, SUPER III. A few people have already asked how I got the fire to look the way it does, and the answer is quite simple: minimize art and maximize your manipulation of the art.

The fire trap actually consists of two objects. The first one, “oFlame”, simply plays this small explosion animation.


That’s it. That’s literally the only “fire” art we have in the game at this point. It’s the second object, oFlameTrap, that does all of the work. After being triggered by the player, the flame trap runs the following code every frame, for 15 frames.

with (instance_create(x + 8, y + 12, oFlame)) {
    image_angle = random(360);

    hspeed = random_range(-0.5, 0.5);
    vspeed = -random_range(2, 4);

    image_speed = random_range(0.25, 0.75);

Is it efficient, not really? Does it work? Yes, and it looks how I want it to look. Part of making independent games is knowing that perfect engine architecture and program design is NOT number one. DO WHAT WORKS.

For those of you who are new to GM, this is what’s going on:

1) Choose a random angle at which to draw the sprite attached to oFlame.
2) Select a random (but slow) speed for the flame to be moving horizontally.
3) Select a random (but quite a bit faster) speed for the flame to be moving vertically.
4) Select a speed for the sprite animation to play at (this makes some flames last longer than others).

It is a simple process and it gives you the following as a result…


There are also other small things that make the trap work well. For one, the flames only damage the player for the first half of their animation cycle. This allows the player to safely jump through the smoke towards the top of the flame bursts. Also, the trap base shakes for 8 frames prior to releasing any flame objects. This is done simply by drawing the sprite at a random offset.

That’s all for now. Let me know if you would like more small articles like this in the future!




Yes, that’s right. We are planning to use a Kickstarter campaign to help us fund the rest of our SUPER III development cycle. We are less than a month away (if everything continues to go smoothly) and I’d like to draw attention to what will likely become our most popular reward item.

During FROG SORD development, we contacted an artist about working on the pixel art for our cutscenes. This was going to give Hunter extra time to work on other in-game art (big pieces, like bosses and menus).

This artist’s name is Temmie Chang and she will be putting together an art book with all of our character concepts, early sketches, and fully rendered scenes.

The banner and background images from this website are excerpts from the book!


As of now, we are planning for PDF, paperback, and hardcover options. We will be updating this page with a lot more KS information as the campaign launch approaches! Thank you for your support and patience!


First Batch of Fan Art

It is not very often that fan art comes along this early in development so I thought that I would showcase it here!
Check out these drawings of III (main character of SUPER III) and some of the survivors that players will be rescuing along the way.

You can check out more of Lina’s stuff on her Tumblr page, or by following her on Twitter.




Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the official SUPER 91 Studios website!
We are a small independent game company located in Seattle, WA.

I would like to introduce you to our first commercial product, SUPER III.

Quick GIF showing off new ‘teleport trail’ and screen-wrap mechanic

SUPER III is an action/puzzle-platformer that utilizes both a teleportation mechanic and screen-wrap. You play as an alien named, III (Three), who is given the task of cleaning up and rescuing survivors after an all-out, galactic war.

The game is only six ish weeks into development and the team is hard at work planning our Kickstarter campaign and our Steam Greenlight page. We are also working on the alpha build of the game, as quickly as possible.

You can visit our devlog if you want constant updates or you can follow us on Twitter.

SUPER 91 Studios
Zack – Director
Alejandro – Producer
Hunter – Pixel Art
Temmie – Concept Art

We thank you for your support and we will now be updating the web site more frequently!