Stretch Goal: Death Match

Hi, all!

We are past the 48-hour mark! Thank you so much for the constant sharing and support via social media! The more exposure, the better!

RE: GAME – As mentioned yesterday, we are putting all of our effort into getting you guys an alpha build. I mentioned RACE missions and showing off some of that soon. Hunter finished up one of the racing opponents and we were able to test a few of our stretch goals.

Currently, there are no stretch goals listed on the campaign due to not calculating an extended budget, but we DO have big plans for the game if we happen to get over-funded. Some of our stretch goals include additional worlds, additional platforms (including PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, 3DS, and WiiU), and multiplayer modes. Below you can see a small glimpse of Death Match, one of the several multiplayer ideas that we have discussed.

RE: Kickstarter – We broke $5K today. That is pretty amazing to us! We are roughly 1/8 of the way there and we appreciate your support SO MUCH. We have had a few people back out of their pledges and we hope to receive feedback from them to make our campaign even stronger. All feedback is useful!

RE: Greenlight – We’re currently at roughly 1500 ‘yes’ votes on Greenlight! Super exciting! That’s approximately 27% towards the Greenlight Top 100, so we’re hopeful about that.

Thanks again to everyone who shared the several articles that we were featured in last night and this morning. You are all awesome!


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