SUPER III has a composer!

It has taken some time, but we finally have everything squared away in terms of who will be responsible for music and sound design in SUPER III. I am very happy to welcome Joel Corelitz to the team! Joel has worked on several titles including The Unfinished Swan and the upcoming, Hohokum.

“Composer Joel Corelitz is known for creating emotional, design driven scores by fusing music and sound design into a unified audio experience centered around texture and mood. His technique of blending classical and electronic elements, utilized in his work for some of the most established brands in the world, is how Corelitz is proving himself to be one of today’s most innovative young composers in gaming, film, and interactive installations. Recent projects include Sony Playstation’s The Unfinished Swan, for which Joel received a British Academy Award-nomination for Best Original Music as well as Game Audio Network Guild’s Best Audio in an Indie/Casual Game Award and Rookie of the Year Award. His work on Loom garnered Siggraph’s Best in Show award for his work, as well as the Leo Award at the Braunschweig Film Festival.”

Find out more at

Joel contacted me way back during the development of FROG SORD. He seemed eager to work on an action-platformer that featured pixel art and I am more than glad to be able to have him on board for SUPER III.

The video in the link below shows off some of the progress that I have been making on our alpha build and also showcases the sample track that Joel sent the team several weeks ago.



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