Design: Iterating on Mechanics

I have been asked by several people how I choose the base mechanics for my games. The answer isn’t simple, nor is it always the same. However, in this case I was asked how I chose the game mechanics for SUPER III by our friend Christian from of Indie Game Enthusiast.

He has recently started a popular thread called, TIGForum DevLog Showcase and in that thread you can see my answers to his questions as well as a bunch of information about a ton of other impressive DevLogs.

Excerpt from TIGForumDevLog thread:

Zack Bell on deciding the core mechanics for SUPER III:
“For starters, the teleportation mechanic was something that I have had lying around for quite some time. Awhile back, I had met Tommy Refenes of Team Meat and decided to replicate the controls seen in Super Meat Boy. I got the controls feeling tight and was fiddling with several different maneuvers to be used as a double-jump replacement. One of the many was a dash that was very similar to what you may have seen in FROG SORD. Another was the teleport that you now see in SUPER III.

I prototyped SUPER III for the IndiE3 Game Jam quite quickly. The level design was similar to Mario or Megaman titles. They were basically open, horizontal levels that left a lot of room for players to do as they please. However, limiting teleport distance was something that I wanted to avoid and long-distance teleporting left me with some jarring camera issues. To combat this, I made the levels more vertical and limited them to be a single screen wide. The screen-wrap was added to bring back some of the freedom and movement options that I lost by restricting the level size.”

Other games featured in the same thread include upcoming titles, Return of the Obra Dinn and Heart Forth, Alicia.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Heart Forth, Alicia

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to support someone who has been supporting me since the early days of FROG SORD development, as well as point out a few other games that are looking amazing!

Stay tuned for more SUPER III news!



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